Sunday, August 01, 2004



I fully realize that accusations of media bias often stem from subjective appraisals from both sides of the political spectrum.

I have to "subjectively" wonder however, why the recent circumstance involving Bill Clintons's former National Security Advisor -- "Sandy" Berger -- has received such little attention from many media sources.

Berger had apparently -- "inadvertently" -- removed highly classified security documents from the national archives relating to the current 9/11 commission's investigation, specifically relating to former President Clinton's responses to terrorist threats during the millenial celebrations.

The New York Times managed to bury the issue on page 16 in its own publication, and a brief Reuters article made an insignificant appearance in a few pages back in other big city newspapers. In some reports the issue of Republicans "leaking" information regarding the inquiry into Berger's actions was noted with greater significance than the questionable actions themselves.

Somehow, I can't imagine such a news item being so downplayed if Condeleeza Rice had been the one who had later "accidentally discarded some of the 'inadvertently [stolen]' documents."

If such arguably suspicious events occurred with any connection to the Bush administration, we'd be barraged with daily front page rants regarding "unanswered questions."

In similar style, most media outlets of late seem totally uninterested in noting any importance to current investigations into the UN's corrupt and scandal ridden "oil for food" program in Iraq. The oil voucher kickbacks to UN and European elites seems to also be an issue of little importance when the media can continue their critique of the real devil of our times -- George Bush.

There are of course worse instances of bias -- Fox News calls those who deliberately kill civilians in their hopes of imposing an Islamo-Fascist state, "Terrorists" (the nerve!).

I guess one person's biased reporting is another person's "freedom-fighter."

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